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Welcome to District Global Associates

In a world where too much information and an unprecedented rate of change in the economic, socio-political and legal landscapes are the new normal, businesses looking to expand internationally face a higher level of uncertainty and risk more than ever.

Business owners need an operator with on-the-ground knowledge to evaluate potential opportunities, provide market entry advice, and build the right networks to mitigate these risks and grow successfully in a new and untested city.

District Global Associates partners organizations to find new businesses globally by cutting through the noise and linking you directly to real and relevant opportunities available through our trusted network developed over the years.

We can help you grow your business by:

  • Conducting market and feasibility studies
  • Developing market entry or M&A strategies
  • Connecting overseas businesses with investment or M&A opportunities in US
  • Linking US businesses with sales opportunities globally
  • Technology evaluation and implementation

Industries we specialize in:

  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Defense and security
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Other high-technology industries

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